Malaysia Durian

Known to be the best
durian in the world



  • non-fried
  • no preservertive
  • no colouring
  • natural sweetness

From Quality Seedlings

Works by freezing pure durian and the reducing the surrounding pressure to allow the frozen water in the material to sublimate directly from the solid phase to the gas phase, leaving no room for the growth of bacteria while keeping natural flavor of food, nutrition and color. The is no any other ingredients during the process, ensuring it is natural health food, crunchy although non-fried, a new breakthrough in healthy snacks.


Musang King Durian Pudding

Our Musang King Durian Pudding dessert is perfect as a light not-too-sweet dessert after a heavy meal. Best served chilled, the Musang King Durian Pudding is soft and creamy. A spoonful of this divine dessert will tickle your taste buds alive. The Rich Taste of the Musang King Durian udding melts in your mouth. You could finish the whole cup and ask for more.

Comes in a pack of 4 jars and a special limited edition of cooling bag, it is perfect as a gift to your loved ones too.

Musang King Cendol

One delicious bowl worth the wait !!

Our Raja Cendol Musang King with fresh cendol, creamed corn, gula melaka, and topping with premium imported coconut ice cream is famous as there are guaranteed real durian fruit in your cendol since it’s placed whole (with the seeds) into each bowl.